Author - Jakub Polomski

About me

I am landscape photographer from Poland, with a primary focus on capturing mountain landscapes and aerial photography utilizing drone technology. I am particularly drawn to the stunning desert regions of Patagonia, the majestic glaciers of Iceland, and the towering peaks of the Alps. As a self-taught photographer I have gained multiple commendations and prestigious awards, including the National Geographic statuette. My works have been featured in various international media. I have cooperated with renowned global brands such as Apple, Universal, ZEISS, Vivo, DJI. Limited edition prints of my photograps are available to purchase in the Limited Edition Prints section on this website, and by global chain of galleries YellowKorner. For those seeking to license my images for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, please use the form in the Contact section. Keep up to date with my latest news and updates. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

Cooperation With Renowned Global Brands

I had the pleasure of collaborating with global brands, gaining valuable experience and industry knowledge. This collaboration not only resulted in the growth of my career but also in the establishment of lasting relationships with key partners.

Publications & Features

Adobe MAX conference – intro • Airows • Apple Inc. • Art of Creative PhotographyBird in FlightBoredpanda BoredpandaBoredpandaBoredpanda CBS NewsDaily MailDaily MailDaily MirrorDesign You TrustDesignideas • Earthables • Earthporm • • Etoday • Exposure Guide • Empty Kingdom • FotoblogiaFotopolisFotopolis • Frogx Three • Fotofaka • Froot • Fubiz • Garuda Indonesia Inflight Magazine • Graine De PhotographeHiking on the Moon by • Interesting Engineering • International Photography Magazine • Kuvva • Let’s Travel Somewhere • • MD-eksperiment • Minutebuzz • Mother Nature Network • MPORA • Nomades Digitais • Nuvango • ObservadorObservadorOnetOnetORMS ConnectPetaPixel PetaPixelPhotoshop TutorialsPlaid ZebraPokochajFotografie • Practical Photoshop Magazine • PT JornalSortraThe PhoblographerThe Weather Channel TopitoTrendhunterTrendhunterTwistedsifter • Urbania • 99 Percent Lifestyle121 clicks


2014 PX3 “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” – Distinction
2011 PX3 “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” – Distinction
2011 “Życie jest piękne” – Main Prize | Nagroda Główna
2011 MINI “Wanderlust Design Competition” – 2. Place
2011 Panasonic “Uchwyć najlepszy moment!” – Main Prize
2011 “The Sharow Photographic Competition” – 1. Place & Distinction
2011 Plitvice Lakes Photo Klub – Distinction
2011 Traveler Adventure Team “Odkryje Patagonię” – Main Prize
2010, 2011 “Przestrzeń Życia” – Distinction
2010 VI WKF National Geographic, kategoria “Pejzaż Polski” – 1. Place
2010 “Przestrzeń Życia” – 3. Place
2008 International Photography Awards – Distinction
2007 Olympus “Panoramy” – Distinction
2007 “Planeta Olympus” – 1. Place

Exhibitions & Galleries

2014 100 Wonders Of The World
2013 Beware Magazine
2012 “3 Dni na Końcu Świata” Museum, Cieszyn
2011 Plitvice Lakes Photo Club
2011 “Colors of Life”
2008, 2009, 2011 Sunderland “Krajobraz Górski”
2010 Art Balance “Green Balance”
2010 “Bikeshot – Festiwal Fotografii Rowerowej”
2008, 2009 “Przestrzeń Życia”
2008 “Fotografia Górksa WKW”
2008 Aquanet “Wodne Skojarzenia”
2008 “Biennale Fotografii Górskiej”



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