Vivo (ZEISS) X90 Pro Sample Photos

Vivo (ZEISS) X90 Pro Sample Photos

Vivo (ZEISS) X90 Pro Sample Photos

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Enlarged Sensor for Low-Light Conditions

The Vivo X90 Pro’s standout feature is its enlarged sensor, which performs exceptionally well in low-light conditions. Whether shooting handheld or in dimly lit environments, this smartphone produces stunningly well-exposed images with impressive clarity and sharpness.

Miniaturization Effect for Unique Shots

The X90 Pro’s implementation of the tilt-shift, or miniaturization effect, is truly impressive. It creates beautifully detailed miniature scenes with ease, allowing photographers to capture unique and eye-catching photos that stand out from the crowd.

Cine-Flare Effect for Striking Results

The X90 Pro’s cine-flare effect can produce striking results in certain situations, adding a unique touch to your photos. The collaboration between ZEISS and Vivo has paid off, as this feature, along with others, is exceptionally well-designed and works seamlessly together.

ZEISS and Vivo Collaboration for Exceptional Design

The collaboration between ZEISS and Vivo has resulted in exceptional design and functionality of the X90 Pro’s features. All the functions work seamlessly together, creating a fantastic smartphone for photographers who want to capture high-quality images in a variety of conditions.


The Vivo X90 Pro is a fantastic option for photographers who want a smartphone with top-notch features. With its enlarged sensor, miniaturization effect, and cine-flare effect, this smartphone has exceeded expectations and has become a must-have tool in any photographer’s arsenal. The ZEISS and Vivo collaboration has produced exceptional design and functionality, making the X90 Pro a true photographer’s companion.

Photo modes used:
Biotar ZEISS Portrait Cine-Flare
Landscape mode
Night mode

Useful links
vivo website
ZEISS website
Cieszyn website

Time of photos
Februrary 2023

Location of photos:
Cieszyn, Poland
Równica, Utsroń, Poland
Ostrava, Czechia
Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Capturing the Magic of the Równica Mountain Lamps

The Równica mountain lamps in the winter snowstorm are a sight to behold, reminiscent of the path to the hotel in the film “The Shining”. I had the pleasure of capturing this magical scene with the Vivo X90 Pro, and the results were breathtaking. The enlarged sensor of the X90 Pro produced sharp and detailed images that perfectly captured the mystical ambiance of the lamp-lit pathway. The smartphone’s low-light performance was remarkable, producing well-exposed images even in the dimly lit environment. The colors of the lamps, the snow-covered trees, and the mountain peak all blended seamlessly together, creating a surreal and otherworldly scene. The X90 Pro’s ability to capture these details and colors accurately made it a perfect tool for capturing this moment.

Vivo X90 Pro: Photography at Open Air Museum nad Olza

I had the opportunity to test the Vivo X90 Pro at the Open Air Museum by the Olza River in Cieszyn and was impressed by its capabilities. The smartphone’s camera produced high-quality images with sharp details and accurate colors, capturing the essence of the outdoor exhibits and scenery. I also tested the X90 Pro’s performance in capturing the view from the bottom of the Piast Tower, and the results were exceptional. The smartphone’s enlarged sensor produced well-exposed images with sharp details, even in low-light conditions.

Adding a Playful Twist to Photos with Miniature Effect on Vivo X90 Pro

The miniaturization effect on the Vivo X90 Pro adds a unique and playful twist to your photos, creating the illusion of a miniature scene. During my testing, I was impressed with how well this effect worked, whether capturing industrial landscapes or historic cityscapes. I tested the miniaturization effect while photographing highways, industrial areas, and historic cities, and the results were consistently impressive. The X90 Pro’s implementation of the tilt-shift effect produced detailed and realistic miniature scenes that were sure to catch the viewer’s eye. Overall, the miniaturization effect on the Vivo X90 Pro is a fun and creative way to add a unique touch to your photos. Whether you’re photographing industrial landscapes or historic cityscapes, this feature is a great way to add a playful twist to your photos.

Adding a Dramatic Touch with Cine-Flare Effect on Vivo X90 Pro

The cine-flare effect on the Vivo X90 Pro adds a unique touch to your photos, creating a striking result that adds a touch of creativity to your images. This feature works exceptionally well in both day and night settings, producing a dramatic and unique effect that sets your photos apart. Overall, the cine-flare feature adds a touch of uniqueness to your photos, allowing you to capture unforgettable moments with a creative and artistic flair.

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