Vivo (ZEISS) X80 Pro Sample Photos

Vivo (ZEISS) X80 Pro Sample Photos

The X80 Pro smartphone, co-engineered with ZEISS, exceeded my expectations in various categories, starting with its impressive telephoto lenses. These lenses enable stunning detail in zoomed-in shots, capturing even the most distant subjects with clarity. Additionally, the X80 Pro’s exceptional tonal range allows for accurate color representation and beautiful contrast in every scene, making every image pop with life.

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vivo (ZEISS) X60 Pro Sample Photo

vivo (ZEISS) X60 Pro Sample Photos

Smartphone cameras have come a long way in recent years, with some high-end models offering impressive image quality and features previously reserved for professional cameras. As a professional landscape and wedding photographer, I have always relied on my DSLR camera for the highest level of image quality and control. However, after testing the vivo X60 Pro smartphone with its co-engineered imaging system with ZEISS, I was pleasantly surprised by its capabilities.

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