Evangelical Church

April 20, 2016

When you think of Poland, you probably see a mono-ethnic and mono-religious country. You are right, though there are a few exceptions. One of them is Cieszyn Silesia and the town of Cieszyn itself, in which for almost 500 years Catholics and Lutherans have been co-existing (not to mention other religions).

Lutherans appeared here already in the first half of the 16th century. It was at that time, that the rulers of the Duchy of Teschen invented a new game: changing the people’s denomination. Since then, Lutherans have become an integral part of the town’s landscape.

Jesus Church is the biggest Lutheran church in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. It is 72 meters high and can accommodate almost 7,000 believers. It is almost four times more than the opera house of La Scala in Milano!

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