Castle Hill

March 27, 2016

We can be astonished by so called tourist attractions for many reasons. Usually it is the historical, architectural aspect or a unique view that we find delightful. Sticking to the principle mentioned above we can surely admit that the Castle Hill in Cieszyn is a tourist attraction cubed – it meets all the basic needs of a tourist.

Those, who study history, belong to a Brotherhood of Knights and are keen to discuss king Bolesław the Brave’s invasion of Kiev over a beer with friends for hours will be astounded by the remains of the early, medieval, fortified castle. No wonder: the fortress dominated over the city some thousand years ago, while in the other, more famous towns nowadays, bears played hide and seek with the fish.

For those more aesthetically sensitive there are other impressions. These exclusive 10% of mankind who can easily tell the Gothic from Bauhaus will certainly take pleasure from the Castle Hill’s buildings – the impressive Piasts’ Tower and the primaeval, Romanesque Rotunda of the St. Nicolaus.

Then there are those, who enjoy sentimental walks with a fiancé/fiancée/dog/camera. They simply like when it’s nice around. And yes – it is nice up there indeed. Not only that the alley leads through a park with outstanding, romantic vibes, but the beautiful panoramic view of the Olza river valley, rooftops hanging over the Czech Cieszyn and soaring steeples can be admired from the top of the Castle Hill. When the sky is clear enough, the picturesque Beskids’ peaks can be spotted too. If not, then at least the belching with smoke, a bit less romantic chimneys of the iron factory in Třinec.

[Adam Miklasz]

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