Głęboka Street

March 13, 2016

So it is with cool towns that each one has some sort of a high street, which everyone knows about. Kraków has its Floriańska street, Zakopane – Krupówki, and Sopot – Monciak. Such a street in Cieszyn is Głęboka. Głęboka conects two neuralgic points on the town’s map: the Main Square and the Castle Hill. Be cautious – it is not just a flat, concrete trail resembling a runway at the airport. The paved street begins up on a hill and ends down low. Or the other way round.

A walk from the Main Square side is especially nice – going down the hill you feel as light and easy as your favourite uncle dancing with your aunt on a wedding floor after two hours of fun. It’s worse when we are coming back after Czech beer accompanied by a goulash with cabbage, heavier than an average German joke. It then appears to us as the Nanga Parbat wall, all covered with ice. In winter.

No further than the Printing Museum there’s this mysterious lady waiting for us. Her first name – Sudden, surname – Pant. Seeing three girls walking confidently – even if they break the traffic regulations – gives us a lot of vigor. The buildings on Głęboka street – similarly to their inhabitants – stand out with unusual style and elegance. They also look astonishing from the aerial view. But I can’t see that – you may say. You’re right. And here’s where we come in! Voila!

[Adam Miklasz]

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