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Jakub Polomski is a landscape photographer born in Poland. He is focused mainly on mountain landscapes and aerial photography captured by drone. He loves desert areas of Patagonia, glaciers of Iceland, and peaks of Alps. Jakub is self-taught photographer. He was awarded with several photography prizes including National Geographic statuette, and featured in global media. Now he works with VIVATORRE brand as destination wedding photographer developing his skills in shooting human nature. You will find more info in F.A.Q. below.


His photographs are offered by worldwide galleries YellowKorner and Fotofoam. Images in PORTFOLIO section may be use for commercial and non-commercial purposes under proper license. You will find License Request form in CONTACT section. Stay tuned for news and updates! Find me on Facebook.

Jakub Polomski - Landscape Photographer


His photographs have been used/featured by various commercial and non-commercial brands. If you want to acquire license go to CONTACT section.  



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2014 Daily Mail – 11/2014
2014 Onet – 11/2014
2014 Frogx Three – 11/2014
2014 The Weather Channel – 10/2014
2014 Boredpanda – 10/2014
2014 Adobe MAX conference – intro 10/2014
2014 CBS News – "Cieszyn In A Time Lapse" – 01/2014
2013 Urbania – 11/2013
2013 Let’s Travel Somewhere – Patagonia – 03/2013
2013 Let’s Travel Somewhere – AlpineTrip – 03/2013
2013 Garuda Indonesia Inflight Magazine – 02/2013
2012 Empty Kingdom – 11/2012
2012 PetaPixel – 11/2012
2012 Twisted Sifter – 10/2012
2012 Empty Kingdom – 7/2012
2012 Photoshop Tutorials – 2/2012
2011 Kuvva – 12/2011
2011 Froot – 11/2011
2011 Trendhunter – 10/2011
2011 etoday – 9/2011
2009 "Love Photography” magazine –  issue 2/2009


2014 PX3 “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” photo contest – Honorable Mention
2011 PX3 “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” photo contest – Official Selection
2011 “Life is Beautiful” photo contest – Main Prize
2011 MINI “Wanderlust Design Competition” photo contest – 2nd Prize
2011 Panasonic “Catch the best moment!” – Main Prize
2011 “Sharow Photographic Competition”, category Landscape – 1st Prize & Commendation
2011 Plitvice Lakes Photo Club Exhibition – Commendation
2011 “Traveler Adventure Team Discover Patagonia with Kinder Country” – Main Prize
2010, 2011 “Space of Life” photo contest – Commendation
2010 VI Grand National Geographic Poland Photo Contest – “Polish Landscape” – 1st Prize
2010 “Space of Life” photo contest – IV edition – 3rd Prize
2008 International Photography Awards – Commendation
2007 Olympus “Panoramas” photo contest – Commendation
2007 “Olympus Planet” photo contest – 1st Prize


2014 100 Wonders Of The World – International exhibition
2013 Beware Magazine – International exhibition
2012 "3 Days in The End of The World" Museum, Cieszyn – Individual exhibition
2011 Plitvice Lakes Photo Club Exhibition – International exhibition
2011 “Colors of Life” photo contest – International exhibition
2008, 2009, 2011 Sunderland “Mountain Landscape” – International exhibition
2010 International Exhibition Art Balance “Green Balance” – International exhibition
2008, 2009 “Space of Life” – International exhibition
2008 “Biennale of Mountain Photography” – International exhibition





Frequently Asked Questions, and answers.

Is it possible to buy a print or get license to use a photograph?

Yes, you can purchase limited prints, feel free to CONTACT me in this case. My photographs are also available in YellowKorner and Fotofoam galleries. If you want to acquire license for commercial or non-commercial use, fill in the License Request in CONTACT section on this website.

Can we share photographs from this website?

Yes, you can share my work, but don't forget to credit it with my name, link to my website, and to Facebook Page. For any publication (commercial or non-commercial), please fill in License Request in CONTACT section on this website. 

Where do you live?

I live in Cieszyn (historic, over 1200 years old) small town on the border of Poland and Czech Republic. Here, you can watch my movie "Cieszyn In a Time Lapse".

Have you ever studied photography?

No, I'm a self-taught photographer. 

What is your favorite subject of photographs?

I am focused mainly on mountains. However I am afraid of heights, and I am not a proper alpinist.    

What kind of weather do you like the most?

For me almost every kind of weather is good to take pictures. However, I find photographing in full sunshine or during heavy rain less enjoyable. I like watching and photographing clouds.

Do you like travelling?

I love travelling. I set off on 2-3 photo journeys per year.

Do you use any additional accessories like tripods or filters?

I use Neutral Density graduated filters in order to reduce exposure of sky. I am minimalist. I don't like taking too much equipment with me, so I don't use tripod very often, and sometimes I regret it.

What is your post-production process like?

I use LIghtroom for the whole process of post-production except last stage - sharpening for web, which I make in Photoshop. In Lightroom I adjust white balance, curves, and saturation. Sometimes, especially in monochromatic photographs I use split toning.

Do you need assistant?

No, I'm not searching for an assistant. 

Are you organizing workshops? 

For now I don't have any workshops scheduled. However I am planning to organize workshops in 2017. If you have any suggestion or proposal, send me a message. You will find Contact Form in CONTACT section on this website.

What equipment do you use?

Cameras: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 5D Mark III
Lenses: Canon 16-35 IS F/4 L, Canon 70-200 IS F/4 L, Canon 85 F/1.8
Filters: Hitech ND graduated filters

Tripod: Induro Carbon CT214 tripod + BHL2 ballhead
Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Advanced
Software: Adobe Lightroom